Welcome to Top10Archive! When Mother Nature gets a taste of human blood, it can be hard to satiate her more murderous whims. Racking up a total kill count of over 1,600 people, these 10 beasts of the wild may not have had the mindset and intent of a serial killer, but they certainly had the blood lust to earn them the title of the top 10 animals that mass murdered their Homo sapien neighbors.

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10. Sloth Bear of Mysore
9. Osama bin Laden Elephant
8. Nigerian Killer Cobra
7. The Beast of Gevaudan
6. Leopard of Rudraprayag
5. Tsavo Man-Eaters
4. Devilish Cunning Panther
3. Gustavo
2. Leopard of Panar
1. The Champawat Tiger

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